District Court

Gorlick v Behan & Anor [2016] QDC 357 (198-15) Durward SC DCJ 22 December 2016

Full-text: QDC16-357.pdf


TORTS PERSONAL INJURIES NEGLIGENCE CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE road accident where vehicle driven by defendant is a garbage truck where plaintiff is a pedestrian where facts in dispute where liability in issue where plaintiff suffered injuries caused by the accident whether plaintiff contributorily negligent.

TORTS PERSONAL INJURIES DAMAGES QUANTUM LOSS & DAMAGE ECONOMIC LOSS - plaintiff suffered injuries caused by the accident where extent of injuries in dispute where plaintiff had existing health and medical conditions where damages in issue where quantum in issue where general damages assessed pursuant to Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) ISV assessment - past economic loss future economic loss special damages where plaintiff continued to work after the accident where plaintiff intends to continue working.