District Court

Parker v Commissioner of Police [2016] QDC 354 (16/67) Long SC DCJ 23 December 2016

Full-text: QDC16-354.pdf


APPEAL – EXTENSION OF TIME – Where the applicant applies for an extension of time for the filing of her Notice of Appeal – Whether to exercise judicial discretion to allow for the extension of time

APPEAL – s 222 of the Justices Act 1886 – Where the applicant had a conviction recorded for an offence of dangerous operation of a vehicle and was fined $1,800 and disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence for a period of 6 months – Where the sentencing magistrate stated that “A traffic conviction’s recorded” and where the applicant acted on that misunderstanding – Where the applicant contends that the sentencing magistrate erred in the actual recording of a criminal conviction – Whether the sentencing magistrate proceeded upon an erroneous understanding as to the effect of her decision to record a conviction for this offence – Whether a conviction should be recorded