Court of Appeal

R v Shaw [2017] QCA 038 (16/124) Fraser and Morrison and Philip McMurdo JJA 17 March 2017

Full-text: QCA17-038.pdf


CRIMINAL LAW – GENERAL MATTERS – ANCILLARY LIABILITY – COMPLICITY – AID, ABET, COUNSEL OR PROCURE – KNOWLEDGE – where the appellant was found guilty by a jury of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed and murder – where the deceased was the fiancé of the appellant – where the deceased had been violent towards the appellant during the course of their relationship – where the appellant was in a romantic relationship with the person who committed the offence – where that person had previously assaulted the deceased – whether the appellant and the person responsible for the deceased’s death formed the common intention to cause some serious violence to the deceased – whether the verdict of guilty on the count of murder was unreasonable